I am a realtor who shows people apartment complexes and housing units across Brisbane. When I started out in my firm, my supervisor told me to go check out their Brisbane office. I was a little taken aback as to why I was visiting a fencing company on my first day. I visited their office, and it was the warmest welcome I have ever received in my life. They showed me the different services they had on offer, and they also gave me a brochure that had special offers just for my firm. I realised sooner rather than later that getting to know them was a huge plus. Most families in Brisbane are looking for housing units with pools, and most of these pools need renovation and fencing. Having such a contact with me makes our company look good. In addition, we receive a lot of positive reviews about their work and their attention to detail. If you are looking to hire them, please go ahead, because they are not only the best in the business, but they also have the best services on offer. The best part is they treat each and every customer like a star customer.

David Vincent

Manager, RAD Corp

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