Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends a maximum of four inches of space between the glass and a solid floor surface such as wood, tiles or concrete. For changeable surfaces such as grass or gravel, the recommended distance is a maximum of two inches. The fence line consists of five glass panels with 45mm gaps between each panel, at each end the corners have 25mm gaps. The following procedure explains how to adjust the gaps to fit your field setout..

We offer our customers the choice of semi-framed or frameless glass balustrades and fences. Our semi-framed panels are 1200mm high and 10mm thick, while our frameless panels are 1200mm high and 12mm thick to provide adequate protection.. Both types use toughened safety glass with polished beveled edges for a strong and streamlined finish.. Thanks to the crystal clear nature of glass, it has quickly become an incredibly popular choice for homeowners with pools in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Whether you want to make your pool area look bigger than reality or you have a breathtaking view that you want to take advantage of, glass fencing is the ideal choice. The glass pool fence is good for both modern and modern homes and provides a truly opulent finish that will enhance any space. We love detail so please include any measurements, drawings, plans, photos or anything else that will help us get a quote for you. The placement of a pool fence must be at least 100mm from the edge of the slab to prevent the edge of the slab from breaking out.

Mark the required distances between the individual panels and note that the distances between the panels must never exceed 100 mm. We recommend distances of approx.. 50mm to be aesthetically pleasing. To install our standard gates, the required spacing is 830 mm (800 mm gate), 930 mm (900 mm gate) and 1030 mm (1000 mm gate), including gaps for hinges and latches. Note that you should not exceed a measurement of 100mm from slab floor to ground, from slab edge to another fence, pier or house as this is not in compliance with government regulations.

You must ensure that the minimum height of your fence is 1200mm and the maximum clearance is 100mm.. We recommend aiming for a distance of between 30 and 80 mm. Make sure the glass panels are always placed on rubber or wood. The glass panel must never come into contact with concrete or a hard surface, as this may cause the panel to break.. Errors usually occur when installing a fence. If you only extend 5mm at the start of a run, minor errors could mean you end up with a 15mm wider or narrower gap..

For 1400 mm plates, the spigot distance is 250 mm from the edge. The sketch below shows the full markup. Using marine grade steel in the frame also means the finished product is rust resistant for maximum durability — ideal for Melbourne’s ever-changing climate. Place the clothes ring properly up and stick it in place with adhesive tape to prevent the cover plate from falling off when you put the glass panel into position. For the highest quality materials to complete your glass balustrade or pool fencing project on time, get a free quote from Trade Glass Depot today.

Double and triple check that all dimensions are correct and that the glass panels and gaps match the opening dimensions. Avant-Garde Glass reserves all rights regarding liability and responsibility for the outcome of pool fences installed by individuals. The required distance between the gate and the glass panels is 30 mm, so the distance between a glass panel and a hinge plate surrounding the gate should be 830 mm (for an 800 mm gate), 930 mm (for a 900 mm gate) or. 1030 mm (for a 1000 mm gate). Leave enough space so that your clothes ring is not affected, lift the trim and align your spigots and gently lower the plate into the holes under control.

Starting with the end gaps, mark the position of each glass panel or gate and any gaps between the panels on the masking tape.

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